University of Victoria

Ajtony Csaba is an associate professor of the University of Victoria, School of Music. He also delivers masterclasses for conductors, composers and performers, both on classical repertoire and contemporary music.

Courses at University of Victoria

MUS 180-580 University Orchestra
MUS 181-581 Sonic Lab
MUS 301 Language of Music 1900-1945
MUS 323/391 Forms and Genres in Music: Great Conductors
MUS 350A/B Orchestration
MUS 390 Directed Studies (Conducting)
MUS 540 Graduate Conducting - Instrument
MUS 143 Secondary Instrument: Conducting
MUS 545 Graduate Conducting - Major Instrument
MUS 356A Basic Conducting I
MUS 356B Basic Conducting II
MUS 456B Advanced Conducting