FOCUS on Performance Dramaturgy

FOCUS on Performance Dramaturgy
Event Info:

18. 05. 2023
7:00-9:30 (PT) / 10:00-12:30 (ET) / 16:00-18:30 (CET)

Gone are the days when crafting a concert program was a straightforward task. In our globalized musical landscape, the art of assembling an engaging program demands new skills, akin to the creative process of composition itself. The rich tapestry of new and historic works, intertwined with influences from various genres and disciplines, presents unique challenges and opens up a world of unparalleled possibilities.

This workshop invites musicians and arts professionals involved in planning, programming, and designing music performances, as well as anyone captivated by the art and science of performance dramaturgy.

Dive into case studies, learn through practical examples, and engage in hands-on exercises aimed at mastering the assembly of compelling concert programs. We’ll explore how to weave narrative concepts with interdisciplinary elements, spectacle, and rituality, all while considering budgetary and aesthetic imperatives. Discover strategies for navigating music from diverse eras, canons, and cultural backgrounds.

By the end, you’ll walk away with a collection of sample programs and a comprehensive toolkit, ready to enhance your own dramaturgy concepts with newfound insights and techniques.

 Join us to transform your approach to concert programming and embrace the complex beauty of performance dramaturgy.